Don’t Neglect the Trees

Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Inspections & Stump Grinding in Yorktown Heights & Armonk, NY

If you have dead or infected trees on your property, call F&R Landscaping Corp to examine and remove them. Poorly-maintained trees not only diminish your lawn’s aesthetic appeal, they can also pose safety hazards for you, your loved ones or your employees. With our tree services, you’ll have healthy trees that will enhance the look of your lawn and contribute to your property’s curb appeal. Whether you need us to trim your trees or remove them, you can trust our team to do exceptional work.

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F&R Landscaping Corp also provides stump grinding services

F&R Landscaping Corp also provides stump grinding services

If a tree on your property has been cut down by us or another landscaping firm, we can get rid of the stump for you. Once the stump is removed, our team will plant grass in its place to cover up the bare spot on your lawn. We’ll use our own equipment and make sure you and your loved ones, or your employees, remain a safe distance away from the work area.

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